About Sheltermouse Solutions
A Lifetime of Innovation
Sheltermouse Solutions LLC was founded in 2007 by Hal Wright, a one-time aerospace engineer and present high school physics teacher living in Bucks County, PA. Hal wished to increase the scope of his long-standing partnerships with environmental groups and other worthy organizations, while satisfying his desire to complete more and better web design projects.
An avid Appalachian Trail backpacker since 1998, Hal made his first meaningful volunteer commitment related to nature and the outdoors as webmaster for Allentown Hiking Club. Scripts that originally performed the simple task of keeping the club's events calendar up-to-date were continuously improved.
Hal's interest in promoting local, sustainable agriculture and his service on a CSA core group led him to place special emphasis on developing software for CSA farms and other membership organizations.

A view along the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina
Why "Sheltermouse?"
Hikers of long distance trails with three-sided structures known as shelters or lean-tos are familiar with the habits of the shelter mouse, who makes his appearance seconds after dinner preparation commences, and may be heard later at night rustling through the pockets of the hiker's trousers or pack looking for crumbs. As ornery as he is clever and resourceful, for recreation the shelter mouse occasionally jumps on the heads of unsuspecting hikers as they sleep.
Rather than revile the shelter mouse as an annoying pest, here at Sheltermouse Solutions we have chosen to celebrate his single-minded persistence and love of life. For the shelter mouse, as for all diminutive fauna of the forest, existence is meager, and fraught with peril from predatory raptors and rattlesnakes. The shelter mouse occupies an essential niche in the forest ecosystem, performing the practical task of recycling human food waste while enriching hiker culture: providing the hiker with tales of harrowing, sleepless nights with which to amuse friends and family.
Like the shelter mouse, small businesses and organizations often must thrive on scraps left by larger entities, which may be indifferent to -- or even hostile to -- their missions. Nonetheless, members of these entities are compelled to bring intellect and passion to bear on the accomplishment of good works, and to try to have a little fun along the way.
Consider for a moment your predicament, and that of the humble shelter mouse. Perhaps certain parallels will become apparent.
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